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ProFurgol is a game which has the intention to entertain you. Our goal as administration is to provide an enjoyable experience to our users while they manage their team. As in real life rules are needed to keep the game fair and enjoyable for everyone.
All users should behave in an ethical manner, thus in accordance with the rules of sportsmanship, respecting other users and staff members in ProFurgol ( PRO, SGES, GES, MOD)

Terms of Service
It is strictly forbidden to threaten, insult and/or (...) other users regardless of the means of communication ( PRO-mail, Forum, Press Release, Guestbook) It is also forbidden to excessively send messages (referred to as SPAM) as well as the excessive use of obscene and/or vulgar language. It is also not allowed to spread illegal material.

Transfer Advertising Rules
It is forbidden to use PRO-mail or the guestbook to advertise players who are being or will be sold nor or Fraternity. There is a forum to advertise and get a transfer value assessment for your players as well as a forum for requesting friendly matches. Advertising Fraternities can be done in the forum of the country concerned. It is also allowed to open a topic in the forum of a country to advertise players provided that you have received approval from the local moderators.

Rules for Internet Connection sharing
It is strictly forbidden to control one or more teams or share teams with other users. Each user has one personal team. They are not allowed to sell or give away their team. If two or more users share one computer or connection they should report this to the administration. These teams cannot make transfers between each other. ( even if the transfer is within the market price) The rules mentioned above also apply to using computers in a school, cybercafes, book stores, libraries.

Transfer Rules
Transfers that are considered too high can be adjusted by means of a Transfer Adjust ( TA). If the transfer is considered illegally beneficial or harmful for another team the penalties will be more severe. Moreover, transfers between teams that share IP or connection are strictly forbidden and subject to fining. Negotiations of prices and exchange of players between teams is also prohibited. In case of such transfers the selling team should notify the administration to enable investigation.

Team Inactivity
Managers who have not logged in for 60 days, are considered as uninterested in the game and will therefore have their teams closed and made available for replacement by a new user. If you have not logged in within 30 days of activation we will also close your team.

If you find a mistake in the game (also known as bugs) we expect you to report this to the administration. Failure to report and/or abuse of the bug makes the user penal.

Fair Play Regulation
Losing/winning on purpose, to the benefit of you or your opponent is a violation of the fair play regulation. We also consider lying about the average amount of training sessions needed for a skill pop with th to be illegal. Each user must play in the country of residence, the administration is allowed to move your team.

Logos containing explicit nudity or logos that are offensive or otherwise inappropriate can be removed and when violated frequently: punished.a

Hacking and sabotaging
Any attempt to hack or sabotage ProFurgol or a ProFurgol user is rewarded with a game ban.

Communication User - Administration
All communication between users and the staff members of PRO should be done through the ticket system. Anything related to the translations should be addressed to the translators, moderation issues to the moderators and everything else should be addressed to the administrators.

Accusations against other users
Accusations against other users should always be uttered to the administration. They should never be made public in any way under any circumstances. All communications between users and staff members are not to be published in any way under any circumstance either nor should decisions of administrators or moderators be publicly questioned or discussed.

VIP rules
By purchasing the VIP service you are helping ProFurgol to grow. Please note that by buying the VIP service you do not get any additional duties over non-VIP users nor is it a license to break rules. The VIP package is only a set of extras to enhance the gameplay experience of the VIP users but it provides no advantage over non-VIP users.

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